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Authentic Reading-Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning(HIBL)






​成长树 研学绿行™ 课程,一场属于孩子们的中文全沉浸的“语言PLUS”学习盛筵!



Growing Trees Chinese Bilingual Immersion GreenTrip program is designed to combine traditional school field trips with Chinese language learning. Based on the scientific educational theory of Authentic Reading and the well-known teaching method of HIBL. Students will be brought into the real world outside of the classroom where language will be in use, explore and learn.

Why Groiwng Trees Green Field Trip:

  • Students will experience a more holistic, integrated picture of the information that, in the classroom, may have only been presented in a textual and abstract way.

  • Museums, libraries, theme parks, and many other kinds of field trips are multi-media experiences; therefore, learning is enriched and reinforced with superimposing sensory and intellectual inputs.

  • Most museums, libraries, theme parks are designed to stimulate curiosity and actively engage the visitor, so you have a very professional partner working with you to help your students learn.

  • In some museums Growing Trees will make arrangement to meet with museum educators, often in a private classroom, to facilitate directed learning and/or provide a question- answer session.

  • Students have the opportunity to see new things and learn about them in a more unstructured way.

  • The transportation to and from the museum/site is often a pleasant and interactive learning time.


研学即研究性学习,又称探究式学习。是在教师和学生共同组成的学习环境中,以学生为中心,让学生主动探究、主动学习的学习过程。研究性学习作为一种教学的模式和标准起源于美国,1980年代美国把“Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning(HIBL)”列为基础教育改革的重要原则之一,促进了美国科技创新的发展,被美国认为找到了一条成功的道路。成长树积极采用最科学的教学理念,让孩子们获得最大的成功!Research Based Learning and Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning was first started in the U.S. as one of the most recognised basic educational principles. it was later-on enforced as a handy method to lead the country towards success on scientific innovation. 

以学生为中 Student Centered
源于美国 initiated in the U.S.
促进主动学习 stimulate interest in learning
全中文沉浸 Chinese Immersion
科学的教学理念 recognised teaching method

研学是一种实践性很强的教育教学活动,和现有的学科教学不同,不再局限于对学生进行纯粹的书本知识的传授,而是让学生跟着课本参加实践活动,在实践中学会学习和获得各种能力。当然,这里的“实践”的含义不仅是指社会调查,收集资料,它还包括选题,制定学习计划,到大学、科研机构聆听专家讲座、请教专家学者,撰写研究报告等一系列探究式学习的过程。HIBL is very handy when it comes to the method of learning, which makes it stands out from traditional learning and teaching method. it frees students from textbooks and drive them to knowledge more practical. here ware not only talking about information gathering, etc; it also involves planning, selecting, attending seminars and a whole series of self-driven learning.

很强的实践性 practical knowledge
社会调查 social research
书写报告 report writing
收集资料 information collecting
请教/学习self-driven learning
摆脱书本传授 freed from textbooks


Learning while traveling (LWT) is perfect blend of HIBL and entertainment based activities, which is a leading approach of putting in-school and out-of-school education in joint. LWT takes quite a few subjects to be successful, and GT does it well. With great pleasure we take student into various settings to stimulate the practice of critical thinking and problem solving, what's more significant, in the immersion of the Chinese language!

学习和旅行相结合 a combination of learning and traveling
根据年龄设计 match different levels and age groups
专业线路/课程 professionally design LWT routine
多学科相融合 cross-subject


The LWTs are in group setting, which means under the leadership of a instructor, the whole class of student will be heading out and completing 6 steps, they are finalizing the subject, hands-on researching, question-assumption, experiments, data collecting and processing, conclusions and reporting. At the end of the LWT under the assistance of the instructor, our kids will be generating the final reports of their HIBL, AND the whole process of learning will be in the immersion of the Chinese Language!

集体活动 group activites
六大步骤 6 steps
团队协作 teamwork
每期新主题 refreshing subjects
动手动脑 handy and innovative
领导力 leadership
校内和校外相结合 a blend of in-school and out-of-school education


Whenever the night, when the children look at the vast starry sky, how many interesting and novel things there are waiting for them to explore and discover. What is the solar system? What is a black hole? Where is the planet under our feet in the solar system? These mysterious problems will be solved one by one in our tour of the Observatory. Let's explore the universe together with the Growth Tree Chinese School Observatory Tour.


历史 与 艺术
​History & Art
​植物学 与 建筑学
Botany & Architecture

History & Art

Every child is a born artist. As they graffiti on paper with their own brushes, they are also the moment to exercise their imagination and creativity. Let the children receive the influence of art, and better cultivate their taste and aesthetics. Perhaps this artistic journey will be the first step in germination of the children's art seeds. On the romantic land of Europe, there is a history of ups and downs. How does this history affect art? Let the Growth Tree School and our lovely children feel the magic that art brings us.


 Botany & Architecture

Learn about the strange plants and appreciate the architecture of different styles. This is a true collection of nature and art. It is for children to experience the charm of different cultures at the same time. It is also a great opportunity to learn about plants in different regions. Don't let your child miss this trip to nature and art.


Natural History
​汽车 与 工业设计
​Automotive & Industrial design

Natural History

Why did the hegemon of the prehistoric earth suddenly disappear? How does the original mysterious giant creature feed? What kind of secret is hidden in the soil under our feet? These questions will be answered one by one in the journey of the Growth Tree Chinese School Nature Museum trip. Let us walk into nature and explore the unknown jungle. Learn about the vast African grasslands.


Automotive & Industrial design

Car is the most common means of transportation in our lives. But how much do we know about the transportation that we use every day? This growth tree Chinese school  brings you going to a unique car journey. There are classic cars you have never seen before and some cars that can only be seen in movies. Through our trip, children can not only learn about the history of car development. You can also learn Chinese related to the car. Let s go!





Authentic Reading-Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning(HIBL)






     Option of Field Trip                                     Dates                                             Astronomy                                                  July 28, 2019                             

   History & Art                                              Aug 25, 2019                            

   Botany & Architecture                            Sep  30, 2019                             

Natural History                                         Oct   27,2019                           

   Automotive & Industrial design           Nov  23, 2019                             

Curriculum and Schedule: The last Sunday of each Month,



1. There is a field trip scheduled on the 2019 in the end of every month

2. Food: Must bring their own food and snack. We have a microwave to use.

3. Pick-up and Drop-off: parents will need to drop off the student at the location or choose  Free Pick- up service

For special pricing offers see below.

2019 Green Field Trip Early Bird Registration 

​$93.8/1 Green Field Trip 9:30 am - 5:00 pm(Regular Price)

* Early Bird Registration Before  Evey Month 18th Enjoys Great Discount:  

5% off

* Sibling Discount 10% Off the second kid.

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93.8 have been included

1 New Registration Fee

2 Material Fee  

3 Group shirt

(Plus Admission Fee)

Learning Content

1. Chinese Vocabulary 2. Chinese Expression 

3. STEAM knowledge related to each theme,based class setting 

4. Leadership and social skills.  

Why Growing Trees
1. Proud educational institute since 2005
2. Pro teachers with excellent educational background
3. Top rated Chinese language school
4. Chinese immersion(with English help)
5. Growing Trees turns a traditional field trip into learning and curriculum orientation classes,children are not only going to play, they will learn and bring knowledge home.

Methods and Objective
1. Authentic reading, for the best achievement of
2. Task and research based learning;
3. Extracurricular knowledge acquisition;


Typical Day Schedule: (For reference only)

9:30-10:00:      Arrive the camp and drop off 

10:00-10:30:   Mandarin warm up 

10:30-10:45:   Green Mandarin class

10:45-11:00:   Programming

11:00-11:30:   Games focusing

11:30-12:00:   Team work project

12:00- 1:00:     Lunch time

1:00-2:00:        Team work project 

2:00-2:30:        Green Mandarin class

2:30-3:00:        Break snack time

3:00-4:00:        Programming

4:00-4:30:        Review and clean up

4:30-5:00:        Pick up

Registration and Consultation

Step 1: Fill out our Field Trip Registration Form online: 

Step 2: Our Learning Consultant will contact you and schedule a 15 minutes free enrollment counseling; Signing Terms of Service and make full payment;

Pack your kids up for their learning journey and your exciting day of freedom. 

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