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Our Teacher . Our Material . Our Creativity

Our Teacher

Our teachers have a Master degree either in target subject matter, education major or teaching credential. Some of them own a PhD degree. We aim to provide the best quality education to our students.

Our Material

Our highly qualified teachers, who have tremendous experience in teaching the language and who are also heritage speakers, meticulously craft all of our teaching materials. They are fluent in English, have prior teaching experience, and thoroughly understand the challenges of children from other backgrounds in learning the Chinese language. As a result, our materials are carefully thought out, planned, and executed to allow students to learn in an innovative and lighthearted way.

We wish that our learning material not only provides a basis for students to learn our language, but also to understand and experience our culture and our values.

Our Creativity

Divergent thinking is key to problem solving and is the backbone of creativity—understanding what is, and then imagining the possibilities of what could be. The word “creativity,” in our society, tends to be applied to artistic endeavors. But divergent thinking is an essential part of everyday life. This unique ability is one that will be crucial to the workforce of the future. Today's toddler faces a universe of rapidly evolving technology, an ever-shifting global economy, and far-reaching health and environmental challenges—scenarios that will require plenty of creative thinking. Here's what you can do to ensure your child gets it.

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