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Founded in 2005, GROWING TREES® defines its mission as to provide high-quality language and academic education to children from multi-language backgrounds, supporting them to become successful elites with global capability. Growing Trees® Chinese Academy carries on the responsibility and devotes great effort to the best practices for Chinese Immersion Education for young children, at the same time providing high-quality Chinese Language learning to all ages! Our mission is to provide you or your child with a fun, interactive and efficient environment where learning happens organically.


We are conveniently located at La Crescenta-Montrose and La Cañada Flintridge,  near Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, and other surrounding areas. We offer a unique combination of in-person classes, Mandarin readers, and interactive online reinforcement. We offer language programs, summer winter camps, day classes and after-school, and admission counseling programs. We are a test center for HSK AP SAT ISEE. Our mission is to provide you or your child with a fun, interactive, and efficient environment where learning happens organically.


After 18-plus years of teaching different age groups across the USA, we developed our own unique curriculum to incorporate various teaching methods for different types of students with different learning styles.  



Growing Trees fun and effective for all levels™.

GROWING TREES®(GT)成立于2005年,我们的使命是为来自多语言背景的孩子提供高质量的语言和学术教育,支持他们成为具有全球能力的成功精英。 Growing Trees® Chinese Academy 肩负起责任,致力于为幼儿中文沉浸式教育提供最佳实践,同时为所有年龄段的人提供高质量的中文学习!我们的使命是为您或您的孩子提供一个有趣、互动和高效的环境,让学习有机地进行。


我们位于拉克雷森塔-蒙特罗斯和拉肯亚达-弗林楚奇,交通便利,靠近格伦代尔、伯班克、洛杉矶和其他周边地区。我们提供面对面课程、普通话阅读器和交互式在线强化课程的独特组合。我们提供语言课程、夏令营、日间课程和课后、入学咨询、高中申请、大学申请、转学申请、研究生申请等项目。我们是HSK、 AP、 SAT、 ISEE的考点。我们的使命是为您或您的孩子提供一个有趣、互动和高效的环境,让学习有机地进行。


经过多年在美国教学不同年龄段的人 ,我们结合各类教学方法,为不同类型的学生开发了不同学习风格的、我们学校独有的课程。

 无论学生是什么年龄,学习语言是什么目的,只要你是一个专注的学习者,并希望你的金钱和时间值得,我们就有适合你的老师 。

 Growing Trees对于任何程度的学习者都是有趣有效的。

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