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GROWING TREES®(GT)  创立于2005年,致力于为多语言环境中成长的孩子提供高品质的语言及学科教育,为家庭和社会培养具备全球胜任力的高品质人才。加州成长树®中文学校继往开来,集中优势资源,深入研究儿童早期教育,专注K5阶段双语儿童的中文教育及学科支持,同时为各年龄段学员提供高质量的中文课程!

Founded in 2005, GROWING TREES® defines its mission as to provide high quality language and academic education to children from multi-language backgrounds, support them to become successful elites with global capability. Growing Trees® Chinese Academy carries on the responsibility and devotes great effort into the best practices to the Chinese Immersion Education for young children, at the same time provide high quality Chinese Language learning to all ages!

Welcome to GROWING TREES Mandarin Chinese Learning Center La Crescenta! We are conveniently located near La Canada, Montrose, Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, and other surrounding areas. We offer a unique combination of In-person and Online  classes, Mandarin readers, and interactive online reinforcement. Our mission is to provide you or your child with a fun, interactive and efficient environment where learning happens organically.


After 16 years of teaching Mandarin to different age groups in the USA, our program director developed the curriculum and various teaching methodologies for different age groups which assure you the most learning outcome. 


No matter the age the student and the purpose of learning mandarin, as long as you are a dedicated learner and want your money and time spent REALLY worthwhile, we have the RIGHT teacher for you.

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