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Little Baker                     小点心师傅              June 10-14


Little Scientist               小科学家                  June 17-21

Little Ocean Guardian 小海洋护卫队         June 24-28

Little Engineer              小程师 &机器人 July 1-5


Little Gardener              小小园丁                  July 8-12

Little Chef                       满汉全席                   July 15-19

Little Zoologist             小动物学家               July 22-26 


Little Doctor                  小医生                         July 29 -Aug2


Little Architect             小建筑师                    Aug 5-Aug 9


English + Math Beginner /

ISEE / SSAT Camps     英文数学夏令营       July 29 - Aug 2

                                                                                 Aug 5 - Aug 9


    SAT ACT Summer Camps Information 4 Weeks 

  • Camp July 22 ~ August 2            

  • Camp August 5 ~ August 15      

  • 12 pm - 3 pm or 3 pm - 6 pm


Chinese Immersion Camps

In-Person Time Frame 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

Pricing  $388/Camp(5Days) Including a field trip              

Extended Care Available 4:00- 6:00 PM $180/Session

No Extended Care on Wednesday field trip day 

In-Person ISEE / SSAT Camp Time Frame 9:00 am-3:00 pm 

For Students 7+

Pricing  $388/Camp(5 days)


In-Person Time Frame 9 am-12 pm 

Pricing  $600/Camp(5 days) 

2 Weeks $1200

Summer Camps Information
Chinese Immersion Camps
​Academic Camps
​3YO - G12

@Growing Trees™
​成长树™ 10大特色主题营地课程

Growing Trees fun and effective for all levels ™ 

Summer Camps Early Bird Registration 

$388 / 5-day Camp (In person Regular Price) 9:00 am-4:00 pm
$388 Academic Camp
$678 SAT Camp

* Early Bird Registration Before   March 28th Enjoys Great Discount:
1 Camp get
 3% off
2-3 Camps get 
8% off
4-5 Camps get 10 % off
6-8 Camps get 15% off

* Early Bird Registration Before   April 28th Enjoys Great Discount:
2-3 Camps get 5% off
4-5 Camps get
6-8 Camps get 10% off

* Early Bird Registration Before  May 28th Enjoys Great Discount:
4-5 Camps get
5% off
6-7 Camps get 8% off

* Early Bird Registration Before  Jun 18th Enjoys Great
2-3 Camps get
2% off
4-5 Camps get 3% off
6 Camps get
5% off

Extended Care Available 4:00- 6:00PM $80/Session
* Sibling Discount 10% Off for the second kid.
(Please note that the discounts cannot be combined)

Summer camp

Little Baker
Are you ready to fill your stomach with a delicious bakery? The Growing TreesTM Little BakerSummer Program offers more than just pizza made out of clay, but hands-on opportunities to learn to wrap dumplings using various Chinese recipes as well as learn more about American traditional foods. Of course, this means that they will be able to taste what they have baked!

你们饿了吗? Growing TreesTM Little Baker 暑期项目提供的不仅是用粘土制作的比萨,还包括学如何包饺子和了解更多关于中国和美国传统食品的实践机会。 当然,这意味着他们

At school

Little Scientist

Put on your goggles as we prepare to do fun experiments during our 5 days of diving into science! Are you interested in learning how molecules work? Want to mix some portions? Well, this is a camp for you! Each experiment will incorporate a lesson on basic Chinese science vocabulary along with an interactive experiment!



Plastic Polluted Ocean

Little Ocean Guardian  

Are you in love with sea turtles, dolphins, or maybe even sharks? Many marine life are endangered and we need your help to protect them! Come join us on the journey of learning more about these animals we all love! From learning about the marine animals and exploring their fun facts in Chinese, you can even find out more about the secret life under the sea!



Kids robot

Little Engineer 

Who isn’t fascinated by robots? Of course, we all know that robots are one of the most fascinating objects and are you ready to create some yourself? From building robots to plugging in batteries and creating motors, we cover it

all !  Of course, this means that students will need to work on their math skills as well! Are you ready to put on your creative hats to build original robots and use your intelligence to move your robot? Come join us to join forces to make an amazing robot!



Educational Gardening

Little Gardener       

Red roses and terrific tulips! Did you know that some plants are used for medicine and others are poisonous? From seeds to beautiful flowers, it’s a journey to learn all about plants. Grab your shovels, grab your hose, and grab your gloves as we get ready to harvest some of our fruits and vegetables from the garden and learn all about plants!


红玫瑰和美丽的郁金香! 您知道吗,有些植物可作为药物,而另一些植物可以作为食物。另外还有一些植物有毒?



Georgian Cuisine

Little Chef

All kids are eaters who get excited over gourmets, we understand it well and take good advantage of this unique learning and teaching environment-we mix language knowledge with the delis. In the Growing Trees™ Little Chef Summer Program, we take kids on a fantastic adventure of foods, in the language immersion of Chinese. On the track, there is language about Chinese delis, American traditional foods, etc., and hands-on experience of cooking to keep the kids interested, also merged in is the culture that connects everything. 



Giraffe at the Zoo

Little Zoologist

Moo Moo, Woof Woof Woof! It’s time to explore the world of animals! During the 5 days adventurous journey into the “animal world”, we will learn everything from saying zoo to giraffes in Chinese. Are you ready to create crafts or fold origami of your favorite animal? It’s time to venture into the “animal world” and explore together!




Doctors Analyzing MRI

Little Doctor

Ouch! We all get hurt! There are so many hidden parts of our body! From tending to scrapes and bruises to understanding the basics of first aid and our body parts, be ready to step into the shoes of real-life heroes – doctors! Join us to discover the superhero within you!



Architectural Dome

Little Architect 

Get ready to build your dreams this summer at Little Architect Camp! From designing your miniature cities to constructing imaginative structures using various materials, our camp offers hands-on experiences that ignite the architect within you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a Little Architect and shape the world around you!


你听过西游记的故事吗? 作为最流行的中国民间故事之一,我们会更多地了解孙悟空并模




Classroom Lecture

English Math ISEE SSAT SAT Summer Camps:

Level :


Learning objectives: Basic addition subtraction and multiplication.Easy reading comprehension and expanding your vocabulary with many friends!

2 ISEE Lower (7-10yo)

Learning objectives: Follow the ISEE lower-level curriculum in preparation for the ISEE exam as well as reviewing concepts in preparation for the new school year. (Even if you do not intend on taking the exam, the course will help prepare and learn ahead)

3 ISEE Mid + SSAT (11yo upper)

ISEE summer camp offers Math and English intensive courses where the students prepare for the upcoming school year learn the materials and get ahead of their classes. After 2 months of having fun, we help the students return to the mindset of studying and remind them of the math and reading comprehension skill sets that they learned before the summer break which we will need to ace the next school year. Come join us with other classmates to enjoy the fun of doing math and reading questions together!

4 SAT 

The intensive SAT program will help you go one step closer to achieving your dream SAT score. English and Math as well as practice tests will be provided!


夏令营提供数学和英语强化课程,学生可以在其中为即将到来的学年做准备,学习材料并领先于课堂。 经过 2 个月的暑假,我们帮助学生回到学习的心态,并提醒他们暑假前学的数学和阅读技能。 快来和其他同学一起体验做数学题和阅读的乐趣吧!

9:00-6:00 Summer Camps Daily General Activity:

We incorporate music, games, movement and dance, stories, science experiments, and art projects into weekly theme-based learning, making Mandarin learning fun and enjoyable! 


In the morning, students learn theme-related words and expressions through various activities and games. In the afternoon, students do hands-on projects related to the morning classes to enhance their learning experience. All the classes are conducted in Mandarin most of the time. We use a lot of flashcards and body language to make the language understandable to the students. Students' language ability will be greatly enhanced after 8 hours of full immersion daily!


Campers must bring their food and snacks. We have a microwave to use. 

Typical Day Schedule: (For reference only)

                                                                    9:00                Arrive at the camp and drop off stuff, Movement Class 

                                                                    9:00-10:15   Movement Class, Mandarin Class 1 + Lesson Time

                                                                    10:15-10:30  Break Snack Time

                                                                    10:30-12:00  Mandarin Class2 + Homework +Story Time

                                                                    12:00- 1:00   Lunch Time

                                                                    1:00-3:00      Review Of Morning Classes

                                                                    2:30-3:30      Artistic Project + Homework + Games Focusing

                                                                    3:30-4:00      Clean up 

                                                                    4:00-5:30      Mandarin Class 3 + Programming

​                                                                    5:30-6:00      Clean up and pick up

                                                                             Wednesday Schedule:

There is a field trip scheduled on the Wednesday of some session camps (No Extended Care on field trip day!), parents will need to drop off the student at the locations notified before camps start.

Please fill out the Camps Registration Form and Zelle deposit ($70, which will count towards full tuition) to:


Growing Trees 

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