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Opportunities to Teachers,Internship or Volunteer.
For highly qualified teachers who are as passionate about spreading our culture and our language as we are, we would like to offer them internships and employment opportunities at any of our locations. We believe only people with a passion can deliver the quality and professional service our students deserve.

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According to the 

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Why volunteer?

  1. Have a better understanding of society, train students to give love in social consideration to others in the public; promote interpersonal relationships, extend their viewpoints, develop a feeling of having a place, duty, and the awareness of offering back to society.

  2. Improve students' personal skills, develop team spirit, dedication, and leadership skills, and find their career interests in work.

  3. Necessary materials prepared for elite schools, the best resources for applying for essays and student resumes.


Our state's highest honor of Volunteer Service Award the United States "Presidential Volunteer Service Award" was established by the "Presidential Council of American Service and Citizenship" in 2003. The purpose of the establishment is to encourage the American citizens and permanent residents to participate in community activities, serve others, and establish this award to honor the contributions of the winners.

The award certificates and medals for young people and adults whose age reaches a certain number of hours of volunteer service during the year. The hours required for different age groups are different, the older you are the more hours you need to complete.

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