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Language for Children
Mandarin Cantonese Korean

Growing Trees™  fun and effective for all levels .

At Growing Trees™ Academy, students (from 8 months to AP Level ) get to learn Chinese Korean in small groups (max 1-on-7) or full immersion online or on-person classes once or twice per week. 

We also offer advanced Chinese and other Language classes for heritage speakers.


We are open 6 days per week. Free makeup class! 

We offer a 10% sibling discount. 

We open a new class for a minimum of 3 students. 

​Languages Programs:
Seeding Parent & Me           8M ~ 3Y
Sprouting Class                     3Y~4Y 
Seedling Class                       5Y~6Y
Sapling Elementary             G1 ~ G5
Sapling Middle School-er  G6 ~ G8 HSK Chinese
Sapling High School-er      G9 ~ G12 SAT / AP Chinese


Seeding Parent & Me 8Months~3Years Old 亲子课程

The Parent and Me class is designed for children ages 8 months to 3 years old.  This class will give your child the opportunity to participate in activities such as:

* Chinese Music
* Fun Body Movement Exercises
* Social Skills 
* Creative Art

By doing activities in such an environment, they will increase their learning capacity at a young age.





Growing Trees Seeding Parent And Me Class ™


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Sprouting 3~4Years Old

This course is designed to improve your child's Mandarin conversations in daily life. It is designed for students who have no exposure to Mandarin and students who are taking lessons currently, when you would like them to experience a better approach to learning.


For children at this age, we use the "game-based" teaching method. We will help your children learn new words and sentences in a progressive way. In each session,  all major learning activities are based on games, songs, movements, and artistic activities.


Students will be doing: 

* Chinese Music

* Vocabulary and expressions

* Story-telling
* Role-Playing
* Creative Art


They learn within a safe, play-based, and low anxiety environment where language learning happens organically.




* 发音:老师都具有标准普通话发音,给学生一个正确的普通话语言环境。
* 语言学习:课程遵循幼儿语言学习的特点,为学生创建特定的语言环境,通过角色扮演学习中文日常会话。 
* 逻辑和认知:通过故事讲解让学生了解空间时间、数字文化等各种概念,为升小学打基础。


Growing Trees Sprouting 3~4 Y Class ™


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Seedling 5~6 Years Old 


This course is designed to improve your child's ability to communicate in Mandarin in daily life. It is designed for both students who have no exposure to mandarin previously, or they may be taking lessons currently and you would like them to experience a better approach to learning.


For children at this age, we use the "academic+game-based activities" teaching method. In each lesson, we will help your child learn new words and sentences in a progressive way. We designed many language games to help your child learn Mandarin.


The Sapling class is designed for early elementary students. This class will give your child the opportunity to: 

* Learn to speak Mandarin conversations
* Character recognition and writing
* Culture exploration 

in a safe and interactive environment (where the following topics will be regularly covered: Family, Time Expression, Personal Interests, School, Restaurants, Friends, Animals,Travel, Etc.).




Growing Trees Seedling 5~6 Y Class ™


Sapling Elementary          G1 ~ G5

Sapling Middle Schooler G6 ~ G8 HSK Chinese

Sapling High Schooler G9 ~ G12 SAT/AP Chinese

Sapling Beginner Level

Sapling Intermediate Level

Sapling Heritage Level

Sapling Advanced Level


The Sapling Chinese class Aims to improve reading and writing skills for students in Mandarin speaking communities.The main objectives per grade are as follows:

* G1 - G4 Write 1500 basic character and recognize 700.
* G6 - G7 To learn advanced writing skills, especially in the form of narrative and argumentative essays. Write 2800 basic character and recognize 1500.

* G9 - G12 This Advanced Chinese class will provide advanced learning for students of Chinese culture as a whole and that will in turn help them in passing Chinese SAT II and AP Exams.

* G1 - G4 学生的主要目标是学会认1500个基本汉字,同时也会写700个汉字。

* G6 - G7 以写作教学为主,写作范畴包括记叙文和议论文。学生的主要目标是学会认2800个基本汉字,同时也会写1500个汉字。能够顺利地通过中国国家汉办举办的 HSK 汉语水平考试。

​* G9 - G12能够在美国 College Board 的中文SAT II和AP考试中取得优异的成绩。

在学汉字的过程中,鼓励并提供学生大量阅读的机会来巩固所学汉字,也为了建立中文逻辑和语感。同时学习中国成语、文化、和历史。树苗课程高级班的目的不仅仅在于让学生在高中时顺利通过中文HSK / SAT II / AP考试,更是为了通过学习中国的文化、文字让海外华裔子女拥有对中国文化的认同感。

Growing Trees Chinese Academy 加州成长树中文学校


Authorized Testing Center


Growing Trees Sapling G1 ~ G12 Class ™

HSK Test Center


Proficiency Test Center

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