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Growing Trees has always protected the safety of the kids and their studies. We hope you support our decision that we would start a set up for online classes for the students because of the virus. We allow parents to learn and practice with their children in our online classes at home. 

My 7-year-old daught Angelia tried many Chinese schools before, however she dropped all of them. This is the first time  she said she enjoyed classes, and wanted to come back again after three-month study. Anglelia is a fluent Mandarin speaker. We want her to be able to read and write, and pass AP Chinese eventually. Within three month, she was able to read 300 characters, and started to read entry level Mandarin readers. The most important thing is Angelia loves learning Mandarin at Growing Trees, and wanted to learn more!        

                                            -Amy Chang 


I really like the way how Ms. Xu teaches my 4-year-old boy Alex. Ms. Xu uses many promps to teach Alex the vocabulary first, and after two classes, Ms. Xu plays role-play with Alex. To my suprise, Alex is able to have conversation with Ms.Xu just after two lessons! Ms.Xu is very patient and friendly. Alex enjoys her class very much. We definitely will sign up more classes after the Christmas break.

                                         - Jennifer Dinan


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In the 2016 Global Youth Chinese Language Challenge, our students achieved their goals and won many awards including Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award.