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10 Unique Summer Camps @Growing Trees™

​成长树 10大特色主题营地课程

Little Baker                   小点心师傅             June 5-9


Little Scientist             小科学家                 June 12-16

Little Veterinarian      小宠物医生            June 19-23

Little Engineer             小工程师                June 26-30 


Little Magician            小魔术师                July 3-7

Little Chef                     满汉全席                July 10-14

Little Zoologist            小动物学家           July 17-21 


Five Millennium's Chinese History And Traditional Etiquette

中国上下5000年与传统礼仪                     July 24-28 

The Monkey King         孙悟空                    July 31-August 4


ISEE Camps                  英文数学夏令营    August 7-11



In-Person Time Frame 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

We Open At 8:30 am Can Early Drop Off 

Pricing  $388/Camp(5Days) Including a field trip

Extended Care Available 4:00- 6:00 PM $150/Session

No Extended Care on Wednesday field trip day 

In-Person ISEE Camp Time Frame 9:00 am-3:00 pm July 18-22 

​G3-G5 Students

Pricing  $388/Camp(5 days)


Summer Camps Information 10 Weeks Table
Age 4 -12 Years Old

Growing Trees fun and effective for all levels ™ 

Summer camp

Little Baker
Are you ready to fill your stomach with a delicious bakery? The Growing TreesTM Little BakerSummer Program offers more than just pizza made out of clay, but hands-on opportunities to learn to wrap dumplings using various Chinese recipes as well as learn more about American traditional foods. Of course, this means that they will be able to taste what they have baked!

你们饿了吗? Growing TreesTM Little Baker 暑期项目提供的不仅是用粘土制作的比萨,还包括学如何包饺子和了解更多关于中国和美国传统食品的实践机会。 当然,这意味着他们

At school

Little Scientist

Put on your goggles as we prepare to do fun experiments during our 5 days of diving into science! Are you interested in learning how molecules work? Want to mix some portions? Well, this is a camp for you! Each experiment will incorporate a lesson on basic Chinese science vocabulary along with an interactive experiment!



Vet Examining Dog

Little Veterinarian

Are you in love with dogs, cats, and perhaps lizards?  When pets are sick, they need to see a doctor too♥. Come join us on the journey of learning more about these pets we all love! From different vaccines for pets to their favorite treats!

Another opportunity to enhance your love for dogs and cats! Of course, this means that you will

Yocan also treat small animals in Chinese!


你喜欢狗、猫,或许蜥蜴吗?当宠物生病的时候也需要看医生! 快来加入我们宠物世界,进一步了解我们都喜爱的这些宠物吧!来自不同的宠物疫苗和宠物最喜欢的食物和零食都将涵盖在内!这又是一次提升您猫狗的爱的机会!当然,你可以用中文给小动物们看病

Kids robot

Little Engineer

Who isn’t fascinated by robots? Of course, we all know that robots are one of the most fascinating objects and are you ready to create some yourself? From building robots to plugging in batteries and creating motors, we cover it

all !  Of course, this means that students will need to work on their math skills as well! Are you ready to put on your creative hats to build original robots and use your intelligence to move your robot? Come join us to join forces to make an amazing robot!



Party Entertainer

Little Magician

Abracadabra! Are you tired of the endless magic tricks that you have tried, but didn’t turn out as you had hoped? Don’t worry! We got you covered! Growing Trees Little Magician has teachers who are excited to pass on your child with knowledge of magic! We will be grabbing cards and learning different types of tricks!


成长树小侦探主题夏令营是一套将树立学科知识和中英文语言技能合二为一的课程体系,它有效地激发孩子们的好奇心和模仿欲,Abracadabra! 你是不是尝试过无数种魔术,但结果却不如你所希望的那样? 不用担心!

Growing Trees Little Magician 的老师将向你的孩子传授魔法知识!



Georgian Cuisine

Little Chef

All kids are eaters who get excited over gourmets, we understand it well and take good advantage of this unique learning and teaching environment-we mix language knowledge with the delis. In the Growing Trees™ Little Chef Summer Program, we take kids onto a fantastic adventure of foods, in the language immersion of Chinese. On the track, there is language about Chinese deli, American traditional foods, etc., and hands-on experience of cooking to keep the kids interested, also merged in is the culture that connects everything. 


Giraffe at the Zoo

Little Zoologist

Moo Moo, Woof Woof Woof! It’s time to explore the world of animals! During the 5 days adventurous journey into the “animal world”, we will learn everything from saying zoo to giraffes in Chinese. Are you ready to create crafts or fold origami of your favorite animal? It’s time to venture into the “animal world” and explore together!




Fire Crackers