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8 Unique Summer Camps @Growing Trees™

​成长树™ 8大特色主题营地课程

Little Actors          超级演讲家 Super Debater                         June 13-17 

Little Scientist     天文科学家  Little Astronomer                 June 20-24

Little Chef              小小点心师傅 Little Dimsum Baker        June 27-July1 

Little Detective    小小侦探  Little Investigator                     July 4- 8 

Little Zoologist    我是海底探索家 Little Ocean Explorer   July 11-15

Little Actors          小小领袖 Little CEO                                      July 18-22 

Little Designer     我是设计师 Super Architect                       July 25-29

Little Engineer     小小机器人 Little Robot                               Aug 1-5 

Little Zoologist    我是恐龙  Little Dinosaur                            Aug 8-12



ISEE Summer  camp                                                        July 18-22 

In-Person Time Frame 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

We Open At 8:30 am Can Early Drop Off 

Pricing  $388/Camp(5Days) Including a field trip

Extended Care Available 4:00- 6:00PM $80/Session

In-Person ISEE Camp Time Frame 9:00 am-3:00 pm July 18-22 

​G3-G5 Students

Pricing  $388/Camp(5Days)

Online Time Frame 9:30 am-11:00 am

Free Delivery Of Materials

Pricing  $238/1Camp(5Days)


​In-Person Or Online 
Summer Camps Information 10 Weeks Table 
Age 4 -12 Year Old

小小演员 营地课程
​Little Actors

Little Actors 

Imaging and doing is tested to be the most effective way for kids' to learn. The process of dramatic playing builds the following skills: Social and emotional skills, Language skills, Thinking skills, and Imagination.Immersion Language: Chinese (with English help)

Learning Contents: 1 field trip+ 1 dramatic theme to play out each 1-week camp. Kids get to hand-craft all tools, symbols, decorations, dresses, etc; learn all essential language points, practice putting language in use and enhance teamwork skills.


小小科学家 营地课程
​Little Scientist

Little Scientist

Growing Tree ™ Camp for Little Scientists allows students to complete 5 topics and 5 small experiments in Chinese immersion for 5 days, including scientific experiments, chemistry experiments, and physics experiments. Each small experiment is carefully designed and arranged to integrate subject Chinese and applied language into it so that children can gradually master the subject application ability of Chinese inadvertently.

Immersion Language: Chinese (with English help)

Learning Contents: Students get to experience 1 scientific topic every day and learn all exposed subject Chinese words and expressions.


小小厨师 营地课程
Little Chef

Little Chef

All kids are eaters who get excited over gourmets, we understand it well and take good advantage of this unique learning and teaching environment-we mix language knowledge with the delis. In the Growing Trees™ Little Chef Summer Program, we take kids onto a fantastic adventure of foods, in the language immersion of the Chinese. On the track, there is language about Chinese deli, American traditional foods, etc., and hands-on experience of cooking to keep the kids interested, also merged in is the culture that connects everything. 


小小侦探 营地课程
​Little Detective

Little Detective 

The Little Detective Program at Growing Trees is a STEM, ELA, Chinese Language combined fun learning program that draws great interested and curiosity of the children. Through 5 days of different topics and activities, our kids get to learn all essential Chinese words that describes a detective, explore Morse Codes and the logic behind it, craft tools from scratch that a real detective would need... every single day of the camp they will get a hand-full of engaging activities to commit themselves into. 

成长树小侦探主题夏令营是一套将树立学科知识和中英文语言技能合二为一的课程体系,它有效地激发孩子们的好奇心和模仿欲,在五天的主题课程中全心投入摩尔斯密码和它背后的逻辑,学习描述一个专业侦探和他们相关的所有中文词语,发挥想象力动手动脑制作各种侦探用具,模仿侦探执行各种“任务”.....​ 在这里,每天都有忙不完的新东西。

小小动物学家 营地课程
​Little Zoologist

Little Zoologist 

Say raise your hands if you want to go explore the animal world! We are sure no kid would bear the loss of missing it. Growing Trees Little Zoologist Summer Program knows what makes our kids interested in learning, and we set it up with love and care. During this 5-days of adventurous "Animal-world" journey, they get to learn how to say everything from the zoon in the language of the Chinese, they'll also expand their knowledge margin of our earth to a much further level. The summer holiday has got to be in this way, isn't it?!



小小医生 营地课程
​Little Doctor

Little Doctor

Have you ever seen your kids getting obsessed with adding bandages to themselves? Some for minor scrapes and scratches, some for non-existent injuries. Yes, they are never tired of pretending to be the coolest professionals in the white shirts and suite. Growing Trees made this play more constructive and educational by a fun blend of tools making, experiments, subject language learning, activities, and pretend-playing, etc. Students get to learn a lot more about body and health, movements and feelings and a lot more.


小小生存者 营地课程
Little Designer
Little Engineer

Little Designer

Growing Tree ™ Little Designer Camp Course allows students to have a fun and creative design for kids to create their own handbags, necklaces, and other accessories. We will combine Chinese elements with elements from other countries to let children know famous Chinese and foreign designers. Children can understand the meaning of design and have a conceptual understanding of the design around them; students design by themselves, and share their works, ideas, and experiences with their small partners to enhance students 'oral expression ability and enrich students' imagination, also improve their hands-on ability. In this short week, children will become cool designer!


Little Engineer​

Growing Trees ™ Little robot engineer camp course communicates the masterpieces of engineers and realizes that our lives cannot be separated from the invention and manufacture of engineers; little robot engineers focus on design, invention, and manufacturing; they can start with practical problems and students can design and make robot cars and constantly improve the design and production of the robot car and strive to do better. We will teach solar language, mechanics, wind and other knowledge and scientific common sense. Students will not only learn robot knowledge but also the team spirit!


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