Conversational Chinese Mandarin Course

ADULT mandarin classes

Adult Private Chinese Class 1-ON-1

At Growing Trees Chinese Academy (GTC) we understand that as an adult student you have various commitments, to family, work, business or academic goals, that why we offer Private Chinese Classes to students who are unable to attend regular scheduled classes. We customizes and optimize to help you reach your goal in the most efficient manner. 

1-ON-1 Adult student can choose from all the courses available to the group classes.

Adult Group Class 1-ON-7 (Maximum)

  • Beginner Level 1 (Course NO. AGB1)

  • Beginner Level 2 (Course NO. AGB1)

  • Intermediate Level 1 (Course NO. AGI1)

  • Intermediate Level 2 (Course NO. AGI1)

  • Advanced Level 1 (Course NO. AGA1)

  • Advanced Level 2 (Course NO. AGA1)

  • ​Business Chinese for Professionals (Course NO. BC1-1/BC1-7)

GTC 8-Hour Quick-Start Course

Business Chinese for Professionals

(Course NO. QS1-1/QS1-7)

GTC Offer a great opportunity to adult students who

  • is at a total beginning level

  • needs a quick grasp of this language

  • in an emergent need for international trip

  • wants a quick and basic foundation of the Chinese foundation

​What Can You Get:

  • Learn to recognize and understand over 100 Chinese words;

  • Learn to write over 50 Chinese characters;

  • Gain the Chinese phonics knowledge and be able to read all Chinese Pinyin;

  • Great benefit of the intercultural awareness

​You can do 1-on-1(QS1-1) or Group Class (QS-1-7)

(Course NO. BC1-1/BC1-7)

GTC BC courses are designed for adult learner only, student may have two pathways before enrolling:

1. Beginner level who only need a quick grasp for temporary use.

As a Beginner Level student, you will be advised to choose to do the GTC Quick-Start course for practical use.

2. Beginner or higher level students who need solid language foundation;

You will be advised to take from Adult Beginner Level 1, finish each level and proceed to BC courses.

You can do 1-on-1 or Group Class.

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